Toy Story Mania for Wii

Apparently, the most absolute longest lines at Disney World are for “Toy Story Mania” at Disney Hollywood Studios.  Even on days of low crowds, 2-hour lines are reported.  While the attraction does take Fastpasses, they usually run out well before lunch.

Given the lack of family-friendly rides at Disney Hollywood Studios, I do anticipate we will be doing it.  (Rushing at park opening to get a fast pass or get on line).

When we happened to be shopping for something else, I saw they made a Toy Story Mania video game for the Nintendo Wii.  While the actual attraction basically has you zooming through the attraction in little cars, while you play 3-D carnival based video games, the Nintendo game is just the carnival based video games.

Well, the kids love it.  Especially my son Eli.  So I guess they will be experts in Toy Story Mania, even before we arrive at the park.



About havoc315

Family of 4, plus 1 friend, so dad, mom, female family friend, 6 year-old son and 4-year-old daughter celebrating a Disney vacation
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